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Make Up Guide: Parts of the Eye

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Make Up Guide: Parts of the Eye

Apart from picking the perfect shades and make up brands, it is important to know the parts of your eye to be able to achieve the sexiest look when applying eye make up. ūüôā


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How Much Should You Spend for Make Up?

Our country is the land of natural beauty products. Traditionally, whitening one’s teeth involved using charcoal (what, charcoal to whiten, not blacken?!), and hair conditioner as used by our grandmothers are named¬†sabila¬†or¬†gugo,¬†otherwise known as aloe vera, which can be found in our mothers’ backyards. In a nutshell, one may think that only if we take advantage of what is found in nature, we will not spend a cent for beauty products.

However, times have changed. We find ourselves in the comforts of our apartments in the city, where we are surrounded by concrete. Sure, we can use plant boxes and pots to plant herbal solutions for our beauty regimens, but urban dwelling can take away much of our time away from tending plants. In short, we need make up. But how much should we spend on make up?

Alas, even achieving the “natural look” can involve forking money over cashiers in malls. You may be surprised if you add up the items in a month’s receipts that are cosmetics. Cost depends on the brand that you buy, of course. I don’t know how much women in the Philippines spend on makeup, but US women reportedly spends $7 billion dollars. Yep, that can be enough to feed a third world country.

If make up cost is eating up half of your monthly income, think again. You may be spending too much on cosmetics. But well, the argument follows that a consumer spends money for value. But does quality product have to cost that much? I don’t think so. The solution I have in mind is find a seller that has lower overhead costs, hence, willing to sell quality products for less.

The next time you shop for cosmetics, look online for shops that sell quality products for less. Check shipping costs too, and order only if they are reasonable. That way, you can avoid the hefty price tags that come with buying in air conditioned shops and malls.

For quality products that are available at reasonable prices, check out our shop.

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A Note Started 15 Minutes Before Valentine’s Day: How to Spend More Time Loving Yourself Instead of Trying to Look for a Lover

In fifteen minutes, it would be Valentine’s Day, just as the title implies. So what do people intend to do? Some would plan surprises for loved ones, some would spam bitter thoughts about being loveless on social networking sites.

Loveless during the day of sweet, sweet love? I would advise against telling the world how your last lover broke your heart blah blah blah. Do not go near that path. You, girl, should learn to treat yourself better.

Some do not have mothers during Mother’s Day. I think a lot of people don’t take Mother’s Day as the end of the world. Some do not even believe in Christ yet the world marks December 25th as a red letter day. Still not the end of the world for them. One day you will find a lover, and you will think that you had become silly and well, shameful for posting your rage against Valentine’s about ten minutes from now.

What I would suggest to girls without partners is go out and spend a day with yourself. Look beautiful as if you have a date, and go to a spa. Buy your favorite chocolate, eat it on your own. Take time to read a book, spend less time trying to search for some hopeless romantic quotes to plagiarize. Color your nails. Watch a movie. Eat good dinner when the evening comes. In short, go on a date with yourself and V-dazzle yourself. No, not like what you’re thinking.

Anyway, I love the idea I found on this article, about a yogi/writer/artist who reinvented Valentine’s for herself. If you want to read it, go here:¬†

Two minutes before Valentine’s. Go.

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Hey Boys and Girls. Let’s Help End Violence Against Women Tomorrow!

Hi boys and girls. Just a little rundown of statistics, if you don’t mind. One in three women living in this planet will get raped or beaten in her lifetime. The reasons are limitless – religion, dowry-related issues, or just plain discrimination. In other words, no matter how silly violence against women seems, at least one woman you know experiences it.

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, and many of us would probably be celebrating the day of love. While it is still the 13th, we at Chicmunks are sharing our love for freedom, equality, and justice with sheer woman power.

We are inviting everyone to celebrate with One Billion Rising. One billion women will be dancing around the world to end the impunity against gender. Yes, boys and girls. February 14, 2013 is a day of revolution.

Go to and sign up. Dance for change, along with the most beautiful people.

Oh, before we forget, take the time to learn the dance!


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The Amazing BB Cream: Who Should Use It

This is essentially part two of the BB cream post I made. More than what it is for, who should use it?

Essentially, you don’t have to have skin blemish to use a blemish balm. And nope, this isn’t just a foundation. Most people can use it, especially those that have light to fair skin. If you are a bit on the dark side of skin tone, you can use it to mix with your foundation so it can it can match with your skin color better.¬†


SKIN79 Super+ Beblesh Balm orange

It can also be used as a concealer or a highlighter, and yes, men can use BB cream. In fact, there are South Korean BB cream for men.


SKIN79 Dream Girls Beblesh Balm


Want to try BB cream today? Go to

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A Beginner’s Guide to BB Cream

What exactly is BB cream? BB stands for blemish base, blemish balm, beauty balm or beblesh balm (according to Koreans, at least). This product is originally, yep yep, German.

The BB cream is one amazing product. It is packaged as an all-in-one beauty wonder that takes away the need for most products in your make up kit such as foundation, serum, face powder, and yes, sunblock. It is the secret of popular Korean pop stars, and heavily endorsed by Korean actresses.


one type of BB Cream by Skin 79

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Buying Benefit Face Powders: A Guide to Picking the Right Shade

As a Filipina, I love my complexion. Nevertheless, I must always keep in mind that I should wear the right kind of make up that will make me look presentable. Hence, this entry about face powders.

What about face powders? Every make up wearing girl has a compact inside her bag. It’s essentially a must-have. However, not many women are aware of the right shade that would suit their complexion. Worst case scenario, they tend to look like, well, ghosts.

What is the face powder’s rule of thumb? If you want to achieve the natural look, go for the shade that blends well with your skin tone. What suits the skin of a typical Filipina then?

Very Asian Looking Girls or Mature European-Looking

Yes, we’re all Asians. What I mean by this is if your skin has yellow and grayish undertones, you belong to this classification. What would probably suit you are pink-based powders. If you have tanned skin, you may consider using a powder with copper undertones.

Hispanic, Arabic, or Light Indian

Or what we might just call Bumbay Beauty. If you are a middle-eastern looking beauty, your skin is neither pink or yellow. You will most likely look amazing in apricot-colored powder. This powder shade also look great on European skin that has freckles. If you have tanned skin, you may opt for darker powder with subtle orange undertones.

Dark Skinned Beauty

If your skin is dark, you may go for dark brown powder with bronze (for virtually most dark skinned people) or copper (if your skin tends to look grayish). To make a tanned skin glow, consider using iridescent powder with your usual face powder, or you may want to use bronzer instead.

If you are looking to buy Benefit face powders, here’s a quick guide that you can use.


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