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How Much Should You Spend for Make Up?

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Our country is the land of natural beauty products. Traditionally, whitening one’s teeth involved using charcoal (what, charcoal to whiten, not blacken?!), and hair conditioner as used by our grandmothers are named sabila or gugo, otherwise known as aloe vera, which can be found in our mothers’ backyards. In a nutshell, one may think that only if we take advantage of what is found in nature, we will not spend a cent for beauty products.

However, times have changed. We find ourselves in the comforts of our apartments in the city, where we are surrounded by concrete. Sure, we can use plant boxes and pots to plant herbal solutions for our beauty regimens, but urban dwelling can take away much of our time away from tending plants. In short, we need make up. But how much should we spend on make up?

Alas, even achieving the “natural look” can involve forking money over cashiers in malls. You may be surprised if you add up the items in a month’s receipts that are cosmetics. Cost depends on the brand that you buy, of course. I don’t know how much women in the Philippines spend on makeup, but US women reportedly spends $7 billion dollars. Yep, that can be enough to feed a third world country.

If make up cost is eating up half of your monthly income, think again. You may be spending too much on cosmetics. But well, the argument follows that a consumer spends money for value. But does quality product have to cost that much? I don’t think so. The solution I have in mind is find a seller that has lower overhead costs, hence, willing to sell quality products for less.

The next time you shop for cosmetics, look online for shops that sell quality products for less. Check shipping costs too, and order only if they are reasonable. That way, you can avoid the hefty price tags that come with buying in air conditioned shops and malls.

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