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The Amazing BB Cream: Who Should Use It

This is essentially part two of the BB cream post I made. More than what it is for, who should use it?

Essentially, you don’t have to have skin blemish to use a blemish balm. And nope, this isn’t just a foundation. Most people can use it, especially those that have light to fair skin. If you are a bit on the dark side of skin tone, you can use it to mix with your foundation so it can it can match with your skin color better. 


SKIN79 Super+ Beblesh Balm orange

It can also be used as a concealer or a highlighter, and yes, men can use BB cream. In fact, there are South Korean BB cream for men.


SKIN79 Dream Girls Beblesh Balm


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A Beginner’s Guide to BB Cream

What exactly is BB cream? BB stands for blemish base, blemish balmbeauty balm or beblesh balm (according to Koreans, at least). This product is originally, yep yep, German.

The BB cream is one amazing product. It is packaged as an all-in-one beauty wonder that takes away the need for most products in your make up kit such as foundation, serum, face powder, and yes, sunblock. It is the secret of popular Korean pop stars, and heavily endorsed by Korean actresses.


one type of BB Cream by Skin 79

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