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Buying Benefit Face Powders: A Guide to Picking the Right Shade

As a Filipina, I love my complexion. Nevertheless, I must always keep in mind that I should wear the right kind of make up that will make me look presentable. Hence, this entry about face powders.

What about face powders? Every make up wearing girl has a compact inside her bag. It’s essentially a must-have. However, not many women are aware of the right shade that would suit their complexion. Worst case scenario, they tend to look like, well, ghosts.

What is the face powder’s rule of thumb? If you want to achieve the natural look, go for the shade that blends well with your skin tone. What suits the skin of a typical Filipina then?

Very Asian Looking Girls or Mature European-Looking

Yes, we’re all Asians. What I mean by this is if your skin has yellow and grayish undertones, you belong to this classification. What would probably suit you are pink-based powders. If you have tanned skin, you may consider using a powder with copper undertones.

Hispanic, Arabic, or Light Indian

Or what we might just call Bumbay Beauty. If you are a middle-eastern looking beauty, your skin is neither pink or yellow. You will most likely look amazing in apricot-colored powder. This powder shade also look great on European skin that has freckles. If you have tanned skin, you may opt for darker powder with subtle orange undertones.

Dark Skinned Beauty

If your skin is dark, you may go for dark brown powder with bronze (for virtually most dark skinned people) or copper (if your skin tends to look grayish). To make a tanned skin glow, consider using iridescent powder with your usual face powder, or you may want to use bronzer instead.

If you are looking to buy Benefit face powders, here’s a quick guide that you can use.


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