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A Note Started 15 Minutes Before Valentine’s Day: How to Spend More Time Loving Yourself Instead of Trying to Look for a Lover

In fifteen minutes, it would be Valentine’s Day, just as the title implies. So what do people intend to do? Some would plan surprises for loved ones, some would spam bitter thoughts about being loveless on social networking sites.

Loveless during the day of sweet, sweet love? I would advise against telling the world how your last lover broke your heart blah blah blah. Do not go near that path. You, girl, should learn to treat yourself better.

Some do not have mothers during Mother’s Day. I think a lot of people don’t take Mother’s Day as the end of the world. Some do not even believe in Christ yet the world marks December 25th as a red letter day. Still not the end of the world for them. One day you will find a lover, and you will think that you had become silly and well, shameful for posting your rage against Valentine’s about ten minutes from now.

What I would suggest to girls without partners is go out and spend a day with yourself. Look beautiful as if you have a date, and go to a spa. Buy your favorite chocolate, eat it on your own. Take time to read a book, spend less time trying to search for some hopeless romantic quotes to plagiarize. Color your nails. Watch a movie. Eat good dinner when the evening comes. In short, go on a date with yourself and V-dazzle yourself. No, not like what you’re thinking.

Anyway, I love the idea I found on this article, about a yogi/writer/artist who reinvented Valentine’s for herself. If you want to read it, go here:

Two minutes before Valentine’s. Go.